orchestra works:

  • Symphonic Poem "Philosophy of Miracle" based on the play by W. Shakespeare "The Tempest"

  • Sympho-Suite "Master and Margarita" for two solo violins, piano, youth choir, orchestra and actors based on the novel of the same name by M. Bulgakov

  • "The Great Fantastic Ball" based on M. Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita"

  • "Enlightenment"

chamber works:

  • Septet "Communicating Worlds" for flutes, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and percussion instruments

  • Septet-Fantasy "Philosophy of Miracle" for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and double bass

  • String Quartet

  • Quartet "Cogitation" for oboe, clarinet, harp and piano

  • Trio «The Cat» for flute, bassoon and piano

  • Duet "The Great Fantastic Ball" for viola and piano based on the novel by M. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita"

piano works:

  • Sonata "Appassionata"

  • Variations

  • Preludes

  • Piece "Autumn Caprice"

  • Piece "Ancient Clock"

  • Piece "Nostalgia"

cello works:

  • "From Passion to Compassion" for cello solo


vocal works:

  • Vocal Cycle "Hallel" for the choir a cappella on the poems of the children of the victims of the Holocaust

  • Fugues for mixed choir

  • "Frühlingsgrüße" for tenor and piano, written on a poem by Nikolaus Lenau

music for films, telecasts and theatrical performances:

  • Music for the short film "Shadow", directed by S. Rojcovschi (Rojkovsky)

  • Music for the short film "I Am Me", directed by S. Rojcovschi

  • Music for the educational telecast "This Strange English"

  • Music for the short film "The Doorbell", directed by S. Rojcovschi

  • Music for the performances of the children music and drama theater "Globe": "The Elephant's Child" by                                    R. Kipling, "Forest Fairy Tale", "Cat-Braggart", etc.

  • The cycle of songs "Planet of Childhood" for the Theater Union of Children of Moldova "Globe"

  • Electronic music for media projects

And other works.



Snippets from September concerts of the Orchestra Unleashed in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

These are the concerts of new classical music for the orchestra, which were webcast live on Sunday, September 11th and 12th at 2:00 PM PST from the "El Portal" Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

The program: a mix of orchestral music, spoken word, and visual art. Compositions include "The Colors of Dream" by Anthony Iannaccone, "Purgatorio" by Michael-Thomas Foumai, "Train of Thought" by Tyler Harrison, "Sarabande" by Brynjar Boe, "Chapter Final" by Michael A. Mogensen, "Philosophy of Miracle" by Natalia Rojcovscaia-Tumaha and "Across an American Sky" by Joseph Carrillo. 

The Orchestra Unleashed is the third in a series of concerts designed to challenge the traditional perceptions of classical music and, in particular, music written for the orchestra. 

Recorded Music

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